Throughout the year Maple Street Book Shop hosts authors for book signings, readings and other events. We provide drinks and refreshments at book signings for the comfort of our authors and customers. If you can’t make it to a book signing, but would like a signed copy of the book, we’ll be happy to take your order over the phone or via our new online service, have the book signed, and ship it to you.

And if you’re interested, watch for our story times and other kids events listed on New Orleans Macaroni Kid.

1718 Society - Peyton Burgess - Columns Hotel

October 4th, 2016

On Tuesday, October 4, at 7PM, the 1718 Society will be hosting Peyton Burgess, author of the short-story collection, The Fry Pans Aren’t Sufficing. The event will be held at the Columns Hotel. Maple Street will be on hand to sell copies of the book!

“The Fry Pans Aren’t Sufficing is funny, but this collection also defines an elemental loneliness. I know these people, their voices, their lives caught between earthy double-entendres in the fun-loving Crescent City. The hard-edged comedy of Burgess’s narrative is shaped and honed, always merciful, and is peppered with dialogue that’s reliable and masterfully executed. Personal and surreal, these poignant survival stories coax the reader into moments of shared feeling, into truth, reflection, and simple beauty.”

-Yusef Komunyakaa, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Emperor of Water Clocks and The Chameleon Couch

Acorns and Cattails - Rob Connoley - Maple Street Book Shop

October 5th, 2016

Please join us on Wednesday, October 5th, at 6pm, when we will have Rob Connoley reading from and signing copies of his new cookbook, “Acorns and Cattails; a Modern Foraging Cookbook of Forest, Farm, and Field.”

The culinary do-it-yourself era is in full swing! Many chefs and cooks are seeking a deeper connection with their food through foraging, farming, and hunting, leading many to cast aside the casserole for modern spins on familiar foods.

In Acorns & Cattails, nationally acclaimed chef Rob Connoley offers more than one hundred recipes featuring ingredients that any home cook can forage, grow, or hunt. Each recipe shares modern flavor and texture pairings that will excite professional chef and home cook alike. The comforting mesquite chocolate chip cookie, the indulgent pork belly poppers, and the haute hackberry rabbit pate launch homespun do-it-yourself dishes into modern classics.

In addition to learning to cook foraged and farmed foods, readers will explore the basics of wild plant harvesting (including identification and ethical best practices) while enjoying humorous anecdotes from Connoley’s years of remote gathering. Photographer Jay Hemphill also presents stunning images that capture the bounty of North America.

Maple Street Book Club: October - The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge - Rilke

October 13th, 2016

The ninth meeting of the Maple Street Book Shop is Thursday, October 13, at 6 PM at the Maple Street Book Shop.

This month we will have local author Morgan Babst as guest facilitator, and she’s picked “The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge,” a novel by Rainer Maria Rilke.

The book club choice will be available at 10% off at the store. Refreshments will be served. No sign-up is necessary to attend the club.

Morgan’s novel, “The Floating World,” about a family’s struggle to rebuild their lives following Hurricane Katrina, is forthcoming from Algonquin in the Spring of 2017. She’s a graduate of NOCCA and Yale, and received her MFA from New York University, where she was a Goldwater fellow. Her work has appeared in The Butter/The Toast, Guernica, the New Orleans Review, the Harvard Review, jmww, and Revolution John. She blogs about food, homesickness, books, and art at NOLA in Exile .

“In the only novel by one of the German language’s greatest poets, a young man named Malte Laurids Brigge lives in a cheap room in Paris while his belongings rot in storage. Every person he sees seems to carry their death with them, and with little but a library card to distinguish him from the city’s untouchables, he thinks of the deaths, and ghosts, of his aristocratic family, of which he is the sole living descendant. Suffused with passages of lyrical brilliance, Rilke’s semi-autobiographical novel is a moving and powerful coming-of-age story.”

New Orleans Review No. 42 - Shakespeare 2016 - Maple Street Book Shop

October 20th, 2016

Please join us on Thursday, October 20, at 6 PM when we will celebrate the release of the Shakespeare 2016 issue of the New Orleans Review!

“What motivated the issue was primarily that 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and we wanted to commemorate that by looking at Shakespeare’s 21st century literary afterlives. (I’ve pasted the call for submissions below.) The response was great. We had submissions from poets, fiction writers, essayists, and scholars. We especially relished the opportunity to put creative work in direct conversation with scholarly work; few journals have the license to do that, and the result is, I think, quite exciting.”

-Hillary Ecklund (Guest Editor)

Contributors: Sara Adams, Bipin Aurora, Chris Barrett, Ryan Burruss, Joseph Campana, Kayla Rae Candrilli, George Elliott Clarke, Gillian Cummings, JK Daniels, Sara Femenella, Zachary Fisher, Briana Forney, Cal Freeman, D. Gilson, David B. Goldstein, Ronan Hatfull, Christopher Higgs, Nathan Hoks, Kimberly Johnson, Michael P. Kuczynski, Nancy Ludmerer, John William McConnell, Steve Mentz, Joseph Mills, Sarah Neville, Aaron Novick, Sharon O’Dair, Annette Oxindine, Don Peteroy, Winston Plowes, Zana Previti, Matt Salyer, Kristin Sanders, Leslie Stainton, MK Sukach, Catherine Theis, Grace Tiffany, David Tuvell, Lillo Way, Caroline Randall Williams, Jess Williard, Candice Wuehle

Valerie Hsiung, Lara Glenum, Rodrigo Toscano, Laura Theobald, and Afton Wilfy

November 12th, 2016

Please join us for a night of poetry on Saturday, November 12, at 6 PM when Valerie Hsiung will be at Maple Street Book Shop. She will be on tour for her new book of poetry on Action Books called EFG (Exchange Following and Gene Flow). Also appearing will be local poets Lara Glenum (author of All Hopped Up on Fleshy Dumdums,) Rodrigo Toscano (Explosion Rocks Springfield,) Laura Theobald (Best Thing Ever,) and Afton Wilfy.

Poet, vocalist, and performer Valerie Hsiung is the author of three full-length poetry collections: efg (exchange following and gene flow): a trilogy (Action Books, forthcoming 2016), incantation inarticulate (O Balthazar Press, 2013), and under your face (O Balthazar Press, 2013). Her writing can be found or is forthcoming in places such as American Letters & Commentary, Cosmonauts Avenue, Denver Quarterly, New Delta Review, PEN Poetry Series, Prelude, RealPoetik, and VOLT, among elsewhere. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hsiung spent significant portions of her childhood in Las Vegas, received a BA from Brown University, and is now based out of Brooklyn, New York, where she works as a love detective and matchmaker. She is also an editor for Poor Claudia.

Johnette Downing

November 26th, 2016

Please join us on Saturday, November 26, at 11:30 when we will celebrate the release 3 new books from Johnette Downing!

about “Petit Pierre and the Floating Marsh”

“Johnette Downing stays true to her Louisiana roots in her newest book, featuring a young pelican searching for his proper home. As Petit Pierre journeys across the wetlands, he asks each creature where he should live. He accumulates gifts from them until he realizes the wetlands are home to all his friends and, just maybe, to Pierre as well! Within the luscious illustrations are facts about the denizens of the wetlands and how each reader can make a difference in preserving and protecting the wetlands for generations to come. Proceeds from this book, created in partnership with the Audubon Nature Institute and the New Orleans Pelicans, fund wetland education programs.”

about “Today is Monday In Louisiana,” available in Board Book!

Gold/Honors Award Winner. National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Children’s Products. The Big Read 2010. Recommended Reading List for the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. Based on a popular song adapted by the multi-award-winning New Orleans singer-songwriter Johnette Downing, Today Is Monday in Louisiana rhythmically takes readers through a culinary calendar, describing a Louisiana meal a day. Now adapted to board book format for tiny hands, each page presents collaged images of yummy foods. On Monday there are red beans to eat and on Tuesday, po’ boys. On Wednesday gumbo is served, and on it goes, each day bringing another unique and tasty Louisiana dish to share.

about “Down in Mississippi”

“Acclaimed children’s-book author Johnette Downing pays homage to the cultural legacy of Mississippi in this charming book that incorporates many of its native flora and fauna. Her delightful text, adapted from a traditional song, presents a lyrical and visual tribute to the many iconic images and symbols to be found in the state. From dolphins splashing in the surf along the coast to adorable ducklings in the wetlands, this commemorative picture book serves to introduce children to the many unique facts about Mississippi. An author’s note gives interesting details about each creature and notes about their habitats and behavior.”